FORECAST 2022 Jane Madey Psychic Astrologer Celestial Gateway Inc. 440-669-7105 2022 NEW MOON May 30, 2022 7:30 AM EDT AND 4:30 AM PDT Moon in Gemini! Sun and Moon in Gemini, Mercury going direct in Taurus. A lot of moving parts. Enough to challenge the most organized person. Be patient and adapt to the situation at hand. GIFT CERTIFICATES-PARTIES Astrology....Tarot....Dream Interpretation..... Computer Charts, Reports.
                         FORECAST 2022                          Jane Madey Psychic Astrologer                                Celestial Gateway Inc.                                       440-669-71052022 NEW MOON   May 30, 2022 7:30 AM EDT AND 4:30 AM PDT Moon in Gemini!  Sun and Moon in Gemini, Mercury going direct in Taurus.  A lot of moving parts.  Enough to challenge the most organized person.  Be patient and adapt to the situation at hand.GIFT CERTIFICATES-PARTIES   Astrology....Tarot....Dream Interpretation.....Computer Charts, Reports. 

Radio and television personality, Jane Madey, has been entertaining in Charlotte, NC., Cleveland, OH., Columbus, OH., Syracuse, NY, San Diego, Ca., Orlando, Fl, Virginia Beach, Va., and other national markets for over 30 years. Was a regular on Q104 in Cleveland, Oh., WNCI 97.5, Columbus, OH, WGAR FM, Cleveland, OH, The Morning Exchange, WEWS Cleveland, OH, syndicated on 107.9 The Link, Y94 FM in Syracuse NY.                                    
Jane Madey has written a monthly column in Style Magazine, The New Cleveland Woman, Cleveland Magazine.  She has been quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and was an author in the Llewellyn Sun Sign Book. Jane Madey has entertained at large corporate events for companies such as  Time Warner Company, The Limited, the Columbus Dispatch, Bell &Howell, Smythe Cramer Corporation, NASA, Automatic Sprinkler.

ARI-There will be flirtations and sparks around your place of business or any associated business event .  Get out there and mingle!

 LEO-You have people you interact with all the time, there are several that would love to get to know you better.  Look for someone who is accommodating, kind and supportive.

TAU-Exotic places and cultures are full of mystery and romance.  You may find yourself being drawn to someone enchanting and mysterious.

VIR-Romance comes in with great abundance, flirtations, by a younger person may find you smitten by weeks end.  Your practical nature will not stop you from getting close.

GEM-Very intense magnetic person may catch your eye, your first instincts are to run but you don’t.  This is pure chemistry.

LIB-Romance isn’t far from home, a person of great character, , perfectly manned, will bring out the adventure in you,  They are patient and wait for the right moment.

CAN-If involved already, there could be changes of your choosing.  If not there is the perfect mate to compliment your nurturing, emotional self. 

SCO-You are particular with whom you open up to, you won’t be able to resist this intense, bright, remarkable person your regard as a friend, who would like to get to know you better.

SAG-You may meet someone who is well spoken, traveled and experienced, who is worldly and playful, they have done it all.  Go for it!

CAP-You attract all kinds of attention with the planets of Love and Sex in your first house, you will have the affections of familiar faces and strangers.

AQU-You love a mystery and riddles.  Well expect both.  There may be two or three  people from your past popping back into your life, this is exciting and unique. You love it!

PIS-The ultimate romantic, even when you take off the rose-colored glasses this totally captivating person will be for real!  Totally a magical event!

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MAY 30, 2022

7:30 AM EDT       4:30 AM PDT Write your Abundance Check!




Every New Moon you send a message to the Univers for abundance in your life,  so you write a check to the Universe. You are sending positive requests to the universe,  I have been promoting this concept for over 30 years on Radio and Television.


Fill in your name, No amount, no date.  On the second line fill in (PAID IN FULL)  Then on the signature line YOU sign it The Law of Abundance.


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