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Believe you can and you will. I believe that there is information in the stars that can help us make better choices. Time those choices for the greatest result! Believe in yourself, tap into your strength and learn to overcome your fears and weaknesses.

Radio and television personality, Jane Madey, has been entertaining in Charlotte, NC.,Cleveland, Columbus, OH., Syracuse, NY, San Diego, Ca., Orlando, Fl, Virginia Beach, Va, and other national markets for over 20 years. She hosted on Nationally syndicated 107.9 The Link, Jane has been a regular on radio and television nationally.

She has written a monthly column in Style Magazine, The New Cleveland Woman, Cleveland Magazine, has been quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, was an author in the Llewellyn Sun Sign Book. She has entertained at large corporate events, for companies such as, Time Warner Company, The Limited, the Columbus Dispatch, Bell & Howell, Smythe Cramer Corporation, NASA and Automatic Sprinkler.

Readings in Astrology, Tarot, Past Lives, and Relationships are available.


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Paid in full____________________________

Then you sign it_________The Law of Abundance

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