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Radio and television personality, Jane Madey, has been entertaining in Charlotte, NC., Cleveland, OH., Columbus, OH., Syracuse, NY, San Diego, Ca., Orlando, Fl, Virginia Beach, Va., and other national markets for over 30 years. Was a regular on Q104 in Cleveland, Oh., WNCI 97.5, Columbus, OH, WGAR FM, Cleveland, OH, The Morning Exchange, WEWS Cleveland, OH, syndicated on 107.9 The Link, Y94 FM in Syracuse NY, among the many other stations across the country.  She has been a regular on radio and television nationally since the late 80’s.
Jane Madey has written a monthly column in Style Magazine, The New Cleveland Woman, Cleveland Magazine.  Further she has been quoted in the Cleveland Plain Deale and was an author in the Llewellyn Sun Sign Book. Jane Madey has entertained at large corporate events for companies such as  Time Warner Company, The Limited, the Columbus Dispatch, Bell &Howell, Smythe Cramer Corporation, NASA, Automatic Sprinkler and  Strongsville Rotary Club.


Mar 21-Apr  20

Saturn returns to a favorable position in September.  You feel a great sense of freedom, a thirst to find adventure. You will travel or seek out knowledge. You may expand your spiritual beliefs.

You will travel for fun and business.



Apr 21-May 20

Finances and starting over will be on the agenda.  You may move, start building up financial security and dealing with property, loans, and financial stability and security.  Before new beginnings there has to be endings.  Get rid of those things that hold you back.


May 21-Jun 20

Saturn will give you an opportunity to deal with all types of partnerships.  You will find others demand more of your time.  Geminis don't like to get bored but you may have to be a little bored to help friends and family.

Jun 21-Jul 20

With Saturn in your house of Work and health you will have little spare time.  You will work harder than you ever expected but with great reward.  Get healthy, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Jul 21-Aug 20

August brings back the energy, drive and passion.  You will feel a great weight has been removed and you will enjoy life, love and family.  You will find you are surrounded by positve things and people.


Aug 21-Sep 20

This will be a great time to challenge yourself to lighten up.  You are way to serious sometimes.  You will not be able to control things so just let it happen.  Change is inevitable but good.  Like riding a surf board, be patient, wait for the wave and then enjoy the ride.



Sep 21-Oct 20

Saturn gives you time to reinvent yourself.  You will find youself getting involved with the lates and greatest social media.  You will reach out and connect with new and exciting companies and individuals.


Oct 21-Nov 20

Saturn moving through your house of self worth and priorities will make changes in who and what you keep in you life.  You will re-define what is important to you.  You may recognize that people and things may leave your life.

Nov 21-Dec 20

Saturn will return to your Sun Sign in September.  It showed up briefly to show you where you will need to focus your change and energy.  You may find a new look, attitude and appearance.  Sagittarius people don't like rules but do know when to follow them.

Dec 20-Jan 20

Saturn is hiding out in your twelfth house.  You will be more spiritual, reminiscent and nostalgic.  You will reconnect with past friends and family and clear the air.  You may go searching for your ancesters or family members long ago lost.

Jan 21-Feb 20

Saturn in Sagittarius will bring many opportunities to renew friendships, network with important contacts and make new friends.  Set new goals regarding business and finance.


Feb 21-Mar 20

Saturn forces us to look at the things we didn't complete or accomplish and make us realize that we need some changes in our lives.  It makes us work hard and take on new responsibilties.

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August New Moon  8/14/15

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Every New Moon you send a message to the Univers for abundance in your life,  so you write a check to the Universe. You are sending positive requests to the universe,  I have been promoting this concept for 30 years on Radio and Television.


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Fill in your name, No amount, no date.  On the second line fill in (PAID IN FULL)  Then on the signature line YOU sign it The Law of Abundance.

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