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Radio and television personality, Jane Madey, has been entertaining in Charlotte, NC., Cleveland, OH., Columbus, OH., Syracuse, NY, San Diego, Ca., Orlando, Fl, Virginia Beach, Va., and other national markets for over 30 years. Was a regular on Q104 in Cleveland, Oh., WNCI 97.5, Columbus, OH, WGAR FM, Cleveland, OH, The Morning Exchange, WEWS Cleveland, OH, syndicated on 107.9 The Link, Y94 FM in Syracuse NY, among the many other stations across the country.  She has been a regular on radio and television nationally since the late 80’s.
Jane Madey has written a monthly column in Style Magazine, The New Cleveland Woman, Cleveland Magazine.  Further she has been quoted in the Cleveland Plain Deale and was an author in the Llewellyn Sun Sign Book. Jane Madey has entertained at large corporate events for companies such as  Time Warner Company, The Limited, the Columbus Dispatch, Bell &Howell, Smythe Cramer Corporation, NASA, Automatic Sprinkler and  Strongsville Rotary Club.


Mar 21-Apr  20

Opportunities for change come through training, classes or certification.  You will be enhancing your skills and credentials.  You may modify your appearance, go on a health kick or get rid of the negative things in your life.  Re-invent yourself and how others see you.



Apr 21-May 20

You are keeping some things close to the vest, perhaps an unfinished relationship, lost love, guilt or fear that need letting go of.  Don’t hold onto the past.  There is joy, laughter and new loves on the horizon.  You ring in the New Year with a new beginning.


May 21-Jun 20

It is all about partnerships, business or personal, the balance of power is changing and you need to be ready for compromise and communication.  There may be financial maneuvering, re-finance, pay off debt.  Review investments and legal matters.

Jun 21-Jul 20

Very unpredictable time, you find nothing is as it appears.  You will also experience communication issues with those around you.  You will work very hard, the time will fly by for you will have great success.  Don’t indulge in petty unimportant matters, think big picture.

Jul 21-Aug 20

A possibility of a bonus, pay increase or promotion could be waiting mid- September.  You will be surrounded by love, family and romance.  You are changing your priorities.  You are open and looking forward to travel, exploring and making new friends. 

Aug 21-Sep 20

Fabulous time to take care of health, you will find it easy to bring out the best in your physical, mental and personal life.  You will have little down time, so make sure you keep appointments and details straight.  You find a little adventure in late October.

Sep 21-Oct 20

Set new goals, organize, contact those that support and share your passions.  You will get good news early November that you have been waiting for.  People will be coming and going in your life, you may have unexpected house guests.

Oct 21-Nov 20

A great sigh of relief as you finish a two year cycle of forced responsibility and change.  You need to get out and network, re-connect with old friends.  Unexpected career challenges pop up, others are watching how you handle them.  Do your best not to over-react.

Nov 21-Dec 20

You get a do-over, things you started in March and April will come back for a second chance.  You feel more confident and informed.  There are challenges with career, you may not see eye to eye with company policy.  You will also find yourself in a wild and unexpected flirtation.

Dec 20-Jan 20

You are nostalgic and reflective regarding things that should of, could have, or would have been.  It is a time of discarding things that no longer have value to you.  Unfortunately you may have some home repairs that pop up.  Take care of preventive measures before they escalate.

Jan 21-Feb 20

Wonderful time to make new friends, network and self-promote your ideas and goals.  You are charming and social.  You will be getting opportunities right and left, a serious offer may come to you.  You may make a major purchase, like a house, car or business.

Feb 21-Mar 20

You may be seeking a new home, job or career path.  You find you are bored and unchallenged.  Several new people come into your life with much to offer and are very attentive.  Review your financial goals, you need to push for a raise or promotion.

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